Surat umiyadham acquires new land measuring 5226 sq. yards adjoining the Existing Temple...

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Vishwash Bhavan

Vishwash Bhavan

Vishwash Bhavan Room

Vishwash Bhavan Room

Vishwash Bhavan Room


Before 33 years the eighteenth 5-day long Silver Jubilee celebration event was held at Umiyadham, Unjha. Kadwa Patidars from across Gujarat, India and World participated in it. At that time Kadwa Patidars from Surat also participated actively in it.

Surat was called “Sonani Murat” [Golden Idol] and it was said that ships bearing Flags of 84 countries anchored at Surat. So Surat traded with many countries of the world using this sea route and thus became prosperous. The diamond, Jari and Textile industries of Surat was widely acclaimed and famous nationally and internationally. The Patidars of North Gujarat, Kutchch and Saurasthra migrated to Surat attracted by these and made Surat their homeland. The Patidars of Surat and that of the South Gujarat thought that if these Patidars and those settled in the South Gujarat region since many years are united then many activities for the benefits of the society can be undertaken. Out of which was born the “Shree Umiya Parivar Trust, Surat” on the 16th May of 1983 before 27 years. The agenda of the Shree Umiya

Parivar Trust includes the following :
  • To unite Kadwa Patidards
  • To build the temple for Umiya Mataji
  • To build Uma Vidhyalaya for training and education
  • To build Guest house and lodge
  • To build Cultural Centre [Sankritik Bhavan]

Out of these, it was decide to build the Umiya Mataji Temple first as it was the symbol and center of faith. Thus in the benefit of the worshipers and followers the Foudation Ceremony [Bhumipujan] was done on 4th May 1990 before 20 years. The temple was constructed with the help of skilled sculptors of Rajasthan under the guidance of the revered temple architect Shri Sompuraji using pink sandstone from BansiPahadpur which has life of thousands of year. The temple was designed to have 62 artistic pillars and is 132 feet in length, 85 feet in width, 71 feet high and 16.5 feet high flagpost. The skilled sculptor did an excellent job to create a beautiful piece of art work in the form of the Rangmandap which would entice the hearts of worshipers.

In the sanctum sanctorum the sits the ever blessing, ever loving Ma Umiyaji idol made up of white marble stone [Makrana] which is life sized. The inner walls of the temple are adorned by the idols of Ganapati, Kalbhairav and other incarnation of Umiya Mataji like Shailputri, Bhramacharini, Chandraghanta, Krushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidatri. That is why Umiyadham is also known as Navdurga Temple. Where there is Shakti, Shiv is always present and hence next to Umiya Mataji’s temple stands the Shivalaya of Umeshwar Mahadev. Also present next to it is an artistic temple of Bhidbhanjan Hanumanji which houses a 4.5 feet idol of Hanumanji. The campus also has Shitlamataji’s temple which is only present in Surat Umiyadham.

There has always been a huge flow of crores of rupees in donation from thousand of donors. It took almost 9 years for the temple to be completely constructed and thousands of labourers and sculptors worked hard for it. The opening and installation ceremony [Pranapratishta mahotsav] was held from 10th April to 14th April 2010 where at more than 15 lakhs worshippers had attended it.

There is facility of Guesthouse[Atithi Gruha] and Boarding[Bhojanalaya] for providing lodging and boarding guest, tourist and worshippers. It has 42 rooms which consists of 4 A/C rooms, 3 dormitories and 35 non-ac rooms. The food is provided at mere Rs.30/- for one time. There are also two open plots and one shaded area which is rented out as per the norms of the trust for marriage and other ceremonies. There is also provision of beautiful Havankund for Yagna and other religious ceremonies.


Upcoming Events

  • Trust Annual General Meeting
    On 28/10/12 at 4.00 PM
  • Menhdi Competition and Pooja Thali Decoration Competition for Aluna
    On 24-07-2010
  • Human Milk Donation Camp on occassion of World Breast Feeding Day
    on 08-08-2010
    where 70 mothers will donate milk
  • Healthy Baby competition
    on 08-08-2010
  • Lullaby [Halardu] Competition
    On 17-08-2010
  • Women Guidance Camp
    On 25-09-2010
    300+ women aged 40 and more will participate

Completed Events

  • Navratri Mahotsav
    from 19/09/09 to 27/09/09
    At Umiyadham Surat.
  • Udghatan vidhi
    On 19/09/09 At 9.00 PM
  • Mataji's Havan
    On 26/09/09 from 9.00 AM Onwards
  • Maha Aarti
    On 26/09/09 at 9.00 PM
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