Surat umiyadham acquires new land measuring 5226 sq. yards adjoining the Existing Temple...

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Navratri Mahotsav

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Vishwash Bhavan

Vishwash Bhavan

Vishwash Bhavan Room

Vishwash Bhavan Room

Vishwash Bhavan Room

Other Events

The other events that are organised by Surat Umiyadham are as listed below.

Trust annual general meeting

It is here by informed that the Annual Genereal Meeting of the members of Umiya Parivar Trust will be held at 5.00 PM on 13th September 2009 at Shree Umiya Mataji Mandir, Umiyadham, Umiyadham Road, Surat where at honorable Shree Narottambhai I. Patel will preside over. The agenda for the meeting is as listed below.


  • Lamp lighting.
  • Welcome Speech.
  • Condolence for the demised members and their family members.
  • Sanctioning the activities of last Annual General Meeting and activities of the managing committee meetings thereafter.
  • Sanctioning the Audit report of Year 2008-09.
  • Forming Managing committee from 5 categories of membership of the trust.
  • Discussion of the other works presented on concurrence of President/ Secretary.

Upcoming Events

  • Trust Annual General Meeting
    On 28/10/12 at 4.00 PM
  • Menhdi Competition and Pooja Thali Decoration Competition for Aluna
    On 24-07-2010
  • Human Milk Donation Camp on occassion of World Breast Feeding Day
    on 08-08-2010
    where 70 mothers will donate milk
  • Healthy Baby competition
    on 08-08-2010
  • Lullaby [Halardu] Competition
    On 17-08-2010
  • Women Guidance Camp
    On 25-09-2010
    300+ women aged 40 and more will participate

Completed Events

  • Navratri Mahotsav
    from 19/09/09 to 27/09/09
    At Umiyadham Surat.
  • Udghatan vidhi
    On 19/09/09 At 9.00 PM
  • Mataji's Havan
    On 26/09/09 from 9.00 AM Onwards
  • Maha Aarti
    On 26/09/09 at 9.00 PM
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